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We are the leading premium full-service conversational agency. Our focus is on two things – customer experience and driving a return on investment.

Our story

The Chat Shop story started in 2011. That may not seem like an especially long time ago, but trust us, ten years is a very long time in live chat history. Before we were incorporated, hardly any businesses used live chat, and fewer still seemed to recognise its revenue-generating potential.

The more we looked into why this was, we saw that few people really understood the value that chat could bring to their business, and chat was a real challenge to get right.

Small beginnings

The Chat Shop was founded by two people who knew they could provide a solution. They sensed that live chat might represent an unexplored opportunity to reach out and connect with customers. Could smart onsite conversation be the key to engaging wavering visitors and converting them into qualified leads?

Officially incorporated

By June 2012, The Chat Shop was officially incorporated. The Chat Shop began life with a £5K investment and a strong belief in the untapped potential of conversational marketing, before conversational marketing was really a thing. Despite our shoestring funding, we won our first client at the end of 2012 and worked 18-hour days (on chat!) until we could afford to hire a client team.

We hired our first team

After more clients joined, we were relieved to be in a position to hire a team. The founders’ experience of being on chat helped identify exactly the team we needed. They had to be native-English speaking and natural at engaging with prospective customers through chat.

Our focus on innovation grew

The chat technology we were using had always been good, but we knew that in order for us to truly take conversation up a level we needed a team of developers. This kicked off our long-standing history of enhancing our clients, customers, and agents' experience with market-leading technology.

The Chat Shop Inc was born

Due to increasing demand for our solutions from North America, we officially incorporated our US business, The Chat Shop Inc. This enabled us to grow our US team and client base, building our strong presence on both sides of the pond.

First acquisition

The Chat Shop had partnered with Jeff Wilson and the team over at Ortho Engagement a few years prior, successfully delivering chat for over 100 Orthodontists in America, Canada, and Australia. When the opportunity arose, it made sense for The Chat Shop to take over ownership of the business as our very first acquisition.

The big plan

We took a step back and really thought about what had driven our, and our clients' success to date. This led to a whole new approach to our solutions - still very much human-led, and tech-enabled, with further investment into our strategy, people, and technology.

... and beyond

Ten years and millions of chats later, our youthful instincts have been vindicated. Conversational marketing and onsite chat are now well-established as brilliantly effective ways to drive customer engagement and boost conversion rates.  

The Team

At the core of The Chat Shop, is our people. Real people who believe in what they do and create conversations that matter. It’s our ability to have those conversations with each other that keeps us a strong, successful, and award-winning family.

Joe Bush
Steve Brown
Head of Operations
Natalie Khan
Head of People and Culture
Thanos Diamantidis
Head of Technology
Conor Simpson
Marketing Manager
Greg Horsham
Partnerships Manager
Nic Barker
Client Services Manager
Barlin Khaneja
Senior Account Manager
Sasha Gatti
Operations Manager
Jess Morton
Quality and Efficiency Manager
Heather Partington
Training Coordinator
Sergio Urbina
Senior Launch Manager
Tasos Kakouris
Matt Cresswell
Account Executive
Liam Finnigan
Launch Manager
John-James Sumner
Launch Support Exec
Arabella Gottfried
Executive Assistant

What sets us apart?

We’ve been at the forefront of live chat for the best part of a decade now, but we’ve never stopped innovating.

Meaningful conversation has been central to our vision from day one. We’ve always set industry-leading standards in human chat by recruiting and training the best agents in the business. But we’re equally committed to developing technological solutions that deliver smart, responsive support when human interaction isn’t required.

Our results speak for themselves. Customers we talk to are five times more likely to buy, with a 10% higher average order value and a near-perfect 97% satisfaction rating. That’s the power of great conversation.

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