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We understand the importance of smart, engaging interactions. Ones that convert customers by reaching out and starting a conversation. Not only do intelligent conversations drive business growth, but they leave a lasting impression in the minds of people who could become customers for life.

By combining smart AI technology with engaging human agents, The Chat Shop provides an effective blend of efficient, tech-driven responsiveness and warm human interaction. We help you generate more leads, boost conversion rates and deliver seriously impressive ROI by creating a more responsive, welcoming presence.

Conversational Marketing

Our Conversational Marketing solution delivers a hybrid of human warmth + AI efficiency. We’re here to help you engage web visitors, uncover their needs, and turn visitors into qualified leads.

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Conversational Support

Transform the CX on your website. Our Conversational Support solution will help you create the perfect blend of warm, engaging human chat and smart, attentive AI assistance.

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Conversational Commerce

Our Conversational Commerce solution will integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce platform, bringing with it a personalised conversational shopping experience that’s capable of transforming passing visitors into enthusiastic brand advocates.

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Human led solutions

Our skilled human agents are trained to create meaningful interactions with visitors, allowing you to shape the customer journey from pre-purchase decisions to post-purchase support. Prospects we talk to are five times more likely to buy, with a 10% higher average order value.

Native English agents

Our native-English speaking agents are skilled communicators, who are trained to engage customers in fluent, attentive conversation.

Strategy backed, insight led

We’ll create an effective, tailored strategy for you by combining our knowledge and expertise in the industry with conversational insights specific to your business.

24/7 AI Chatbot support

Our conversational AI Chatbot uses market-leading natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to ensure customer interactions are smart, responsive and helpful.

Defer simple answers to chatbots

Not all customer queries require the attention of a human agent, so let AI Chatbots tackle simple enquiries. This keeps costs down, without compromising the customer experience.

Transfer to humans when it matters

For higher value or more complex purchases, our hybrid solution means a human agent can step in and offer more nuanced support.


Our expertise is built on years of experience. We’ve been at the forefront of the chat industry since 2012, during this time we’ve completed over 3 million chats across 20+ industries, including major global firms.

What sets us apart? Over the years we’ve constantly evolved our offering, helping our clients to drive ROI by developing innovative new solutions. From billion dollar PLCs to fast growth start-ups, we’ve supported the rapid growth of some of the biggest and best brands worldwide.


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At the start of the journey we didn't know The Chat Shop's live chat service could result into sales success we've experienced. Barlin and the team introducing us to proactive, sales focused conversations via live chat was a game changer for our business and best of all, our customers love it.

Brent Burrows Jnr
Ecommerce Manager & Brand Strategist
CBS Bahamas
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